Did you know you can spin anywhere between 4000 to 7000 revolutions an hour when cycling? If your set up position on the bike is poor, this large volume of repetitive movement will eventually result in pain. You may at first notice tightness and soreness in your Neck, Back and Pelvic areas or tightness or numbness or tingling in your hands/ feet.

Pain arises when your body does not compensate for a combination of factors including poor posture on the bike or inadequacies with the musculoskeletal system.

If you sit on the saddle with an overly flexed lumbar spine this may be the source of your low back ache. Back pain is not just a matter of the seat post being too high, it can be due to your muscle control and strength in your pelvic and hip area and as well as your pelvic position. A common finding for low back pain in cyclists is the inability to move normally in your pelvis and back. If you are bothered by pain when cycling, book an appointment and we will assess whether you need a program to stretch, strengthen, improve muscle coordination and patterning and discuss any modifications to the bike.

Other common cycling related pain can be Achilles tendonitis, heel pain and plantar fasciitis which can also be helped by physio.

Anterior knee pain responds well to a specific stretching program and graded strengthening.

So book today!

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